Memories from Kim Villanueva…

“There are way too many things to list about our precious Jess some of my Fondest Memories was just being with her, taking her out yard selling and thrift shopping and her hating it she would get so mad but it was still fun.  The others I can remember where she would sit at a table and read a dictionary at a very young age.  What Child is interested in reading a dictionary?  But our Jess was amazing I am sitting at work trying to do this and crying I miss her so much!   I can remember when she was getting her tattoos and she would not show her mom and I would go over there and she would pull me aside and tell me and she would show me her new tattoos but “don’t let my mom know”, I never let her mom know it was our little secret, sorry Carmen, but not really…  LOL!   Still to this day whenever Angel Baby comes on the radio, I just look up and sing my heart out to Jess, she would play that song over and over when she was young. I could write a book on Jesse, but need to give others a chance to add there beautiful memories.   Miss you Jessica and we will be together again one day!”   Kim Villanueva

“The Girl of my dreams…”

“I do have a great memory of Jessica and our son, Brendan. During a family vacation years ago, our family was waiting for our table at a restaurant when Brendan and I spotted a man selling beautiful silver rings. I encouraged Brendan to pick one out and bought it for him. A few weeks later, he decided to give that special ring away to his first crush; it was your beautiful daughter Jessica. When I asked what happened to the ring, he turned all red and was blushing, he said, “I gave to the girl of my dreams.” So sweet! Hope this is a good story to add, we keep ya’ll in our hearts with good memories!!”  Patti Sippola

Abraham Lincoln… Read to find out more.

“I have so many fond memories of Jessica (or Chile as I called her), but what I remember most about her was her great sense of humor. She could always make me or anyone around her laugh. She always saw the comedy in every situation and made sure to point it out to you. I loved this about her. In high school we were given the task of writing an essay about a famous person we would want to spend the day with and why. I chose to write my essay about Abraham Lincoln, while the rest of my friends chose celebrities or pop stars. Jessica thought it was hysterical that of all people in the world I chose Abraham Lincoln. (Looking back now, it was kind of silly and completely random.)  From that day on Jessica never let me live my nerdy essay choice down. It became an inside joke. She even brought me Abe Lincoln gifts from the attraction at Disneyland on Main Street: a super sized obnoxious Abe pencil and a mass produced signed replica of the Emancipation Proclamation. I still have both of those items today. I can’t seem to part with them because every few years I find them in a box and I’m reminded of Jess. I’m reminded of how she always made me laugh. I’m reminded of all the inside jokes we had. I’m reminded how much I love her and how much I miss her in my life.”