Memories from Grammy

Memories from Grammy…   “Once upon a time I had the honor of meeting Randy’s new wife, Carmen and her beautiful children,Jonathan and Jessica I immediately fell in love with them. Jessica loved to tease me and she had the most beautiful laugh. They would come over and go swimming in the lake and fish and I thought they were having a great time with Skylar. Jonathan was a joy too I have been so blessed having them in my life. Now my Jessica has been called to her Eternal home. I miss her so much I miss her teasing me, I miss her beautiful smile I miss her sweet spirit. I hope and pray I can live my life so that I can see my Jessica and my Clinton and my Gene in heaven. Thank you Randy for giving me this beautiful family to love and thank you Carmen for having two beautiful children I will adore for eternity. Thank you for loving my son. I am so grateful.  Soon it will be July 4 a day of celebration and yes we can celebrate Jessica’s birthday and her life. As we do my heart is so full of gratitude to be a Grammy to Jessica and Jonathan.”