Memories from Skylar…

“I was a terribly shy child, embarrassed by the slightest hint that someone might laugh at me, even if I was telling a joke. I remember Jess used to melt Moonpies in the microwave. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I remembering asking her over and over, “Jessica, how long do you leave the Moonpie in the microwave?” but no matter how many times I asked, she wouldn’t tell me, but I had made up my mind; I was going to try. I put the Moonpie in the microwave. I could do it. I could melt it just like Jess did. Two minutes. That would be good, right? No. Try explosion. EXPLOSION. And my embarrassed butt just cried and cried. After that, Jess didn’t call me “Skylar” anymore; I was “Moonpie.” I will always be Moonpie.

Life in Laughter

Summers in California growing up were always fun, and Jess was such a huge part of the happiness I felt. True to form, the teasing never stopped.
~Going to the tide pools? Great, an opportunity to scare Moonpie.
~Watching a scary movie? Great, another chance to freak Moonpie out.
~Dancing down the stairs in excitement after seeing “the boy of your dreams”? Great, time to embarrass Moonpie.
Jess taught me not to take myself so seriously. She taught me to laugh at myself. And for the rest of my life, when I start to forget how to laugh, she will be there in the back of my mind reminding me how to live life with unabashed joy… And of course, laughing with me at any and every opportunity.”  Skylar Haines