Gearing up for #NABShow

On Monday, April 18th, I have the opportunity to speak at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas.   I am looking forward to this for a couple of reasons…  In the past, I had many opportunities to attend this conference, speak at the conference, and demonstrate IBM solutions.  Since broadening my focus at IBM to areas beyond M&E, my opportunities to attend this show were somewhat limited.  Glad to be back!

At this years show, I will be focusing my energies around sharing the innovations and technologies we have made in the areas of #antipiracy, #cybersecurity, #cyberanalysis, #investigativeanalysis &#assymetricthreatanalysis.

Enterprises need to learn, as have law enforcement agencies, that if you do not understand all aspects of your threat vector, you are not only leaving yourself with extreme vulnerabilities, you might as well leave a sign on your door saying “hit me here!”.   Organizations must build the connective processes between security teams, cyber analysts, and external threat researchers.  “Sharing is caring!” to steal an old adage.