More from #NABShow2016

So, a couple of days now into #NABShow2016 and things have been hopping!

My speaking session was a lot of fun…  Really solid attendance and interaction.   My session, “Why the Future Security Operation Center (SOC) Must Understand Its Adversaries” seems to have been a very intriguing and unique topic for a broadcasters conference.  After I finished, many people in the audience came to me to share their new understanding of the importance of this topic to the media & entertainment industry.   It really goes beyond hacking…  it even goes beyond threats to movie stars…  it goes beyond having a system in place that tells about malware and phishing bots etc…  The “Fusion Centers” of tomorrow must be proactive and dynamic.  If you aren’t prepared to change your rules and fight the battle the same way the infiltrators are waging war, you will be defeated!  I was honored to be recognized as one of the “top 10 most influential speakers of the day”.


A few tidbits captured via @Twitter…




Today, I had the opportunity to attend an #InnovationSeries breakfast hosted by @ShellyPalmer.  For those you who do not follow Shelly Palmer, I highly recommend doing so.   He provides daily relevant insight on topics that are top of mind today and for that matter, tomorrow too!

Just a few tidbits from my notes that Shelly shared today…

  • 3.4 zetabytes (1 zetabyte = 1 billion terabytes) pass through Cisco’s data centers daily.   #WOW!
  • Estimates that 507 zetabytes of data are created daily from an Internet of Things ( #IoT ) perspective.

a few notable quotes…

“2 kinds of companies in the world, data rich and data poor”

“think like a strategist not a product guy” to better understand and be prepared for what’s to come tomorrow…

“2 types of companies out there…  those who have been hacked and those who do not know they have been hacked.”

Shelly spent some time discussing this notion of the “universal wage”…  some argue that at some point, “we may need to simply pay people to be alive because they will not be qualified to work”.   This idea comes from the growth and forward momentum in cognitive technologies…  But, Shelly was very quick to point out that if you partner with machines rather than fight them, you can and should remain relevant going forward.   He said “man machine partnerships are your best defense…”  Do not be “cognitively displaced”.

A very informative session with Shelly!  In addition to the opportunity to listen to Shelly, the opportunity to meet new people, network, was invaluable!