#Cloud and Life at Oracle…

So, I have been at Oracle now for a little over 3 months…  really enjoying it!  Loving the teams I work with!  For the most part, great leadership, great teamwork and great collaboration!

Spent a week in Virginia attending the #professionalhire class called #Ignite.  A good week of refresher stuff…  got great value from the “this is how you really get *this* done in #Oracle” discussions.   Learned that Oracle is trying to bring in a more #empathetic sales force…  a sales force that actually #feels for and #understands their clients and put themselves in their clients #shoes.

Cloud sales are #fun!  Fun is a different way than you might think of a #goodtime.  LOL

Arguably there are no other companies that know the #enterprise like Oracle knows the enterprise!  A few themes consistent and prominent in the #OracleCloud; #Performance, #Consistent, #Predictable, #Secure, #Scalable, #CostEffective, #End-to-End, #Autonomous, and #Optimized.  With that understanding in mind, #OracleCloud has been designed from the ground up to run applications for #ERP, #HCM, #talent management, sales and marketing, and customer experience.

Oracle IaaS

In addition to running the applications that Oracle offers, a recent cloud announcement encouraging clients to #BringYourOwnLicense ( #BYOL ) to the Oracle Cloud highlighting the option to run non-Oracle “stuff” in our cloud.  This capability is not new, but has been recently highlighted as Oracle goes #headtohead against #AWS, #Azure and #Google.

Many people forget that Oracle is in the #hardware business too! Industry leading X5’s and X7’s are available in the Oracle #datacenters!  What does this mean?  This means #you can leverage #StateOfTheArt technology, that perhaps due to #budget #constraints, many clients may not be able to afford, by going to the #OracleCloud!

Sales… a 101 discussion

Sales skills, for the most part are inherent in a persons personality (my opinion)…  It’s almost impossible to teach someone to be a type A personality and I have read study after study that the best ‘sellers’ are type A personalities.  All of that aside, and by no means do I claim to be “the” expert in sales, or better said Solution Sales, there are specific tasks and steps that must be followed by sales people, no matter the industry or product, that must be followed.  If you miss any of the primary steps in a sales cycle, you CANNOT expect the deal to close.  Basically saying that just because you get a welcoming wave from the security guy or a smile from the EA or secretary, does NOT mean you have a sale!

In the 20+ years I have been in sales, I have had the opportunity to study, learn and practice many different sales techniques from Solution Sales, SPIN Selling, Customer Centric, Consultative Selling, Signature Selling and etc. etc. etc.  They all have their merits and are all very effective if practiced.  I say practice, because that is how we get good at things.  Once you have your methodology down and are executing effectively, the work still isn’t finished…  You have to qualify and track the sale through it’s process.   This tracking or lack thereof by many sellers is the reason for this blog.

My favorite, and I know there are many, methodology for sales tracking is MEDDIC.  MEDDIC was originally introduced to me by a VP of Sales at IBM, a friend and mentor, Kevin Painter.  At the time, Kevin lead worldwide sales for IBM’s Enterprise Content Management brand.  We found this methodology to be an extremely effective way to manage our sales.

A little about MEDDIC and what it means…

M – Metrics – What’s the economic impact of your solution?

E – Economic Buyer is the person who discretionary use of funds

D – Decision Criteria is the formal criteria used to compare vendor’s offerings

D – Decision Process is the process used to decide upon and purchase your solution… The actual PO process.

I – Identify Pain – What is the customers pain, and do they agree that it is a pain?

C – Champion – Who is the key player within the account to help you drive the deal to close?  Sells for you.

As a sales person in the B2B and/or enterprise space, if you cannot effectively answer each and every one of these questions, you do NOT have a sale!  The best part about MEDDIC is that it really isn’t about the reporting…  as Kevin used to tell us regularly, “I’m not trying to just give yet another spreadsheet to fill out!”.  This is a process that helps the sales people better understand their territory, their opportunity, and perhaps most importantly their sales forecast.

For a deeper explanation of the above criteria check out this link.

And for a little fun…  many of us are convinced that Dilbert did in fact work for IBM.

More from #NABShow2016

So, a couple of days now into #NABShow2016 and things have been hopping!

My speaking session was a lot of fun…  Really solid attendance and interaction.   My session, “Why the Future Security Operation Center (SOC) Must Understand Its Adversaries” seems to have been a very intriguing and unique topic for a broadcasters conference.  After I finished, many people in the audience came to me to share their new understanding of the importance of this topic to the media & entertainment industry.   It really goes beyond hacking…  it even goes beyond threats to movie stars…  it goes beyond having a system in place that tells about malware and phishing bots etc…  The “Fusion Centers” of tomorrow must be proactive and dynamic.  If you aren’t prepared to change your rules and fight the battle the same way the infiltrators are waging war, you will be defeated!  I was honored to be recognized as one of the “top 10 most influential speakers of the day”.


A few tidbits captured via @Twitter…




Today, I had the opportunity to attend an #InnovationSeries breakfast hosted by @ShellyPalmer.  For those you who do not follow Shelly Palmer, I highly recommend doing so.   He provides daily relevant insight on topics that are top of mind today and for that matter, tomorrow too!

Just a few tidbits from my notes that Shelly shared today…

  • 3.4 zetabytes (1 zetabyte = 1 billion terabytes) pass through Cisco’s data centers daily.   #WOW!
  • Estimates that 507 zetabytes of data are created daily from an Internet of Things ( #IoT ) perspective.

a few notable quotes…

“2 kinds of companies in the world, data rich and data poor”

“think like a strategist not a product guy” to better understand and be prepared for what’s to come tomorrow…

“2 types of companies out there…  those who have been hacked and those who do not know they have been hacked.”

Shelly spent some time discussing this notion of the “universal wage”…  some argue that at some point, “we may need to simply pay people to be alive because they will not be qualified to work”.   This idea comes from the growth and forward momentum in cognitive technologies…  But, Shelly was very quick to point out that if you partner with machines rather than fight them, you can and should remain relevant going forward.   He said “man machine partnerships are your best defense…”  Do not be “cognitively displaced”.

A very informative session with Shelly!  In addition to the opportunity to listen to Shelly, the opportunity to meet new people, network, was invaluable!